Food Delivery in Train at BHUBANESWAR


TravelKhana now introduces its railway food service at the capital of Orissa. Quality food from popular restaurants around Bhubaneswar Railway station can now be enjoyed while travelling in the train at your seat! TravelKhana is obliged to serve you with quality, healthy and fresh food, on the move!

BHUBANESHWAR - The Temple City of India

The capital city of Orissa, Bhubaneswar is more prevalently known as the Temple City of India. It is rightly called so due to the large number of temples that can be found here. The old part of the town dots the landscape with hundreds of temples. At one time, there were more than two thousand temples here. A unique significance of the city is that its modern buildings and extensive infrastructure complement its historic surroundings. This fact makes it an ideal location for tourists all around the world. The most significant attraction here is that of the hills of Khandagiri and Udaygiri, which contain within them the rock-cut caves, built chiefly for the Jain Monks in 1st and 2nd century B.C.

A large number of ancient temples such as the Lingaraj Temple, Mukteshwar Temple and Parsurameswar Temple make it a city of historical and cultural importance. There are also many parks such as the IG Park and Ekamra Kanan Park that make travelling around the city much more graceful!

TravelKhana at your Service for Food Delivery in Train at Bhubaneswar Railway Station:

The Temple city of India, BHUBANESHWAR, is surely the most visited and ideal location for tourists all around the world. TravelKhana is proud to introduce its food delivery in train service at this location and serve tourists and pilgrims who travel to this city.

Some of the delicious food items that can be enjoyed here at Bhubaneswar are as follows:

    Place your order an hour before the arrival of the train at Bhubaneswar Railway Station. Ordering the food is very easy. Place your orders through our website and mention your train number, bogie number and seat number and quality food will be served!

    Bhubaneswar Helpline Numbers:

    Bhubaneswar Railway Police: 91 674-2532233

    GRP Bhubaneswar: 91 2531090

    Bhubaneswar is one of the most important tourist attraction points in India. It has earned the title of the 'Temple City of India' and is also a unique blend between modern and ancient architecture. It is also the seat of Tribhubansehwar or Lord Lingaraj, which makes it an important Hindu Pilgrimage centre. TravelKhana proudly serves you with the best quality food from popular and reputed hotels around the town and brings the comfort of a hotel in your Railway compartment making travelling a unique experience. Experience quality food delivered in train at Bhubaneswar Railway Station; a service by TravelKhana!