Food Delivery in Train at SURAT


Surat, the city of Diamonds

Referred to as one of Gujarat's major industrial cities, Surat is known as the city of diamonds. Astoundingly, around 90% of the whole world's diamond cutting and polishing happens here. An industry that contributes to about 90% of India's total diamond export. Aside from that, Surat is home to the largest number of man-made fabric manufacturers in the country.

The city is also a cultural center, hosting several evens and traditional festivals every year. Occasions such as the Kite festival in January and Chandi Pavo in October are one of the main tourist attractions, because of which visitors from all over India pay a visit. There's even a holy connect to the city of Surat, as it is mentioned in the Hindu Epic Mahabharata, that Lord Krishna spend some days here on his journey from Dwarka to Mathura.

The vibrant city attracts all types of visitors throughout the year, so much that a heavy rush is expected from time to time. However, the infrastructure and accommodation facilities are so well planned, they can pretty much cater to most of the needs. The Surat Railway station is only second to the Mumbai Railway station in terms of earning on the Western Railways. This figure alone shows how many commuters are depending on it every day. Falling on the Ahmadabad-Vadodara-Mumbai route, the station is a stoppage for many superfast expresses and major trains.

But aside from its cultural and industrial importance, Surat is well known for its own Surati Cuisine. Trains too offer some of its traditional and very succulent dishes. Services such as Travel Khana are doing a pretty thorough job in providing its customers the facility to order food online at the Surat Railway station.

This is achieved through the help of several food courts in Surat, which through our help, bring the taste of one of Gujarat's favorite cuisines right to our customer's train seats. Some of the items you may order are:

  • A traditional Gujarati meal
  • Traditional Surati cuisines
  • Non-vegetarian foods
  • Typical South Indian Thali

We ensure proper lunch supply in train at Surat. However, you will have to place the order by visiting the website of Travel Khana one hour before your train reaches Surat railway station.

As mentioned in the beginning, the city attracts tourists from all regions of India and abroad, and they are coming with different interests. The most enthralling feature of this city is the presence of restaurants supplying different cuisines to gratify the needs of all types of people. Special Jain foods are also available here in this city. However, the regular visitors, mostly business people always prefer Travel Khana because of the prompt and perfect service they provide.